Friday, October 17, 2008

wow it's been awhile...

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Well, I apologize for the massive hiatus. I was just reading a literary agent's blog and she happened to mention that she always tells her clients to never start a blog... and neglect to update it. So I felt horribly guilty and here I am.

Lots has happened since I last blogged... eek... almost three months ago. My husband accepted a new position back in Indiana, so we're getting ready for some pretty big changes! Tyson is getting bigger by the day. I took him to the vet just the other day and he weighs 86 pounds now--and he's only 8.5 months old!!

On the writing side of things, I went through kind of a funk. I went through a similar one about this time last year and I'm beginning to wonder if it's just when I happen to finish a novel or the time of year. Because as soon as fall weather starts I'm back in full writing mode--like there aren't enough hours in the day to get the story from my brain to the computer screen.

So that's been going good. I'm still trying to squeeze in time to edit my second novel. Much longer on that and I'm going to start thinking I have an editing phobia. I believe in a previous post I discussed wanting to work on short stories for contests and literary journal publication and I'm nearly done with one of the short stories. Writer's Digest is having a pretty big contest with a Dec. 1 deadline, so that's what I'm working towards right now.

I was just counting the other day and I think I have 4-5 projects I'm working on right now. I actually think this is a good thing because as soon as I get stuck on one of them (regardless of the reason) I open up another one and start working on it. I guess it's really just another way of beating writer's block, but whatever works, right?

Well, I think that's about all for now. I promise, I'll be better about writing more frequently. I'm not sure I can handle the daily thing (surprisingly I don't think I have enough to say to do that) but at least once a week.


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