Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another four months has gone by? Really??

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Boy, time sure does fly when you don't blog. Not a whole lot has happened since my last post except I did start another story. This one is another YA and I'm pretty excited about it. For me, I usually come up with a story idea and then create characters who I know can wreak havoc on the plot line. This time, though, it was the other way around.

I was watching TV and out of the blue the idea for this particular character just came to me. I let her sit in my head awhile, watching to see what kind of character she'd turn out to be and trying to come up with a really good catastrophe to put her through. It took a couple weeks and even as I started writing the outline I didn't quite know the direction I was taking until about halfway through when it suddenly hit me. Even now as I'm writing the first draft I keep coming up with better ideas.

The other peculiar thing that's happened with this new story is that as I'm writing I'm already thinking about changes that I'd like to make. This may sound weird since I'm still only about a fourth of the way through the first draft, but for me it's a step in the right direction. As it turns out, I'm not a fan of editing. I'm well aware that it needs to be done and even know usually what I need to do... I just don't like the process. I think it comes down to my OCD with making sure everything is perfect and I know it never will be so... you see my conundrum.

Anyway, for example, I have five narrators. There's a main character of course, I just have other characters give their input too for things the MC can't see or doesn't know is going on. But I already don't like one of them. She's turned out to be kind of whiny and isn't developing the way I'd hoped, plus I'm 90% sure I can put her big moments in someone else's perspective, so she may get the axe in the next round.

So there you have it! I have to say, it's nice to be excited about a project again. It's been awhile, but I'm back!!